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32" M80C LS32CM80BUUXEN Smart Monitor 4K UHD with Streaming TV, USB-C Ergonomic Stand and SlimFit Camera

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The price is much less than for other colors (error on the site?)
For 399 you can only find old version (…m80)
But on galaxus it specifically listed as LS32CM80BUUXEN which is the most fresh
Blue color option is missing on tweakers, but all other options are significantly more expensive…en/
The monitor itself is all-in-one solution and can behave as wireless display, cast from any local device, stream TV via WiFi, serve as Smart home hub or behave as smart TV
The only issue is that delivery takes a while
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  1. baddie09's avatar
    If it is send from Switzerland to the Netherlands be aware that you also have to pay VAT on top of the current price which is 21%, and maybe even additional fees to the transporting company
    Robinapd's avatar
    All prices incl. VAT, plus shipping costs and Minimum order surcharge
  2. Muss's avatar
    Not really a difference with the older version.. but nice deal! (aangepast)
    evnemich's avatar
    evnemich Auteur
    Yeah, not much of updates, but IMO worth it (comparirng to…447)
    VESA 100 support makes it not just a monitor but any kind of solution (like kitchen TV) as it becomes easy to be placed literally anywhere without buying any extras and after that worrying for holding mechanism quality
    And full-size hdmi port also much more useful
  3. Apple_addict's avatar
    gok genomen en besteld (aangepast)
  4. Fyrus's avatar
    Dit is toch geen bijzondere prijs? vorige week was deze ongeveer dezelfde prijs op Amazon, daarnaast als je het risico van deze website en eventuele invoerheffingen niet wil nemen; ze staan goedkoper bij Amazon Warehouse:…126

    of iets duurder voor de witte:…c=1

    of 20 euro duurder dan deze aanbieding een nieuwe groene:…c=1
    evnemich's avatar
    evnemich Auteur
    All the links you have provided lead to last year's old model called LS32BM801UU, which has BM80 model id instead of new CM80 (for M80C)
  5. Apple_addict's avatar
    Tot mijn verbazing is mijn order ineens geannuleerd zonder enige toelichting wat een oplichterij. Nu eens kijken hoe snel ik mijn geld terug krijg
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