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7 Minutes heeft alles wat je nodig hebt om aan de slag te gaan, gemotiveerd te blijven en elke dag terug te komen om die 7 Minutes in te zetten. Verander de manier waarop u denkt over uw dagelijkse trainingsroutine - u heeft slechts 7 minuten nodig!

Daily Motivation:
• Motivation is the key to success! Turn your smartphone into your personal gym buddy.
• Daily motivations will help ensure you stay motivated to always put in your 7 minutes of exercise!
• Stay motivated with 7 Minutes' workout Achievements!
• Set goals and resolutions for yourself - make your weight loss goals a reality!
Customize Workout:
• Customize your training session by editing the number of cycles, exercise and rest time.
Activity Log:
• Keep track of your training sessions
• Keep track of your unblocked achievements.
Exercise Videos:
• Follow along with detailed fitness videos as you exercise
• Keep track of your sets - videos will let you know how long until the end of your workout
• Video player works in both landscape and portrait mode
Video Tutorials:
• View from our extensive collection of video tutorials to make sure you are performing every exercise safely and correctly.
• Easily play and pause your workout video tutorials to perfect your form!
Workout Details:
• Whether you are working out your upper body, lower body, abs or arms- learn about every aspect of your workouts including a visualization of all muscle groups exercised.
* Choose how you want to work out- whether you are beginning by reading a tutorial or are a seasoned workout pro and want to follow along with a video loop. It's all up to you!
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