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AD Blocker - Remove Ad‪s IOS
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AD Blocker - Remove Ad‪s IOS

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AD Blocker - Remove Ad‪s IOS
Geplaatst op 11e mrt 2021

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U krijgt momenteel de AD Blocker - Remove Ads-app gratis voor iOS. Meestal kost het € 6,99 in de winkel. De app krijgt 5 van de 5 sterren in de iTunes Store

Ad blocker is your best choice to block ads for Safari.It blocks all annoying ads, popup banners, trackers,miners,unnecessary resources and other annoyances. It not only remove annoying ads but also protect your privacy.


- Blocks all kinds of ads in safari

- Protect your privacy. Blocks all the trackers to keep your personal information safe

- Whitelist the ones you like and blacklist the ones you don't like

- Enjoy a faster web surfing speed, and lower data usage.This will help you improve battery life.

- Works in Safari and all apps that use Safari

What do we block:

- Block Ads

- Block Tracking

- Block Social Buttons

- Block Annyances

- Block Adult Sites

- Block Images

- Block Scripts

- Block Style Sheets

- Block Custom Fonts

- Block Commets

- Block Pop-ups

- Block 3rd-pty cookies

If you have any questions or suggestions about our app, please e-mail [email protected] are looking forward to your feedbacks
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