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Amazon Prime Gaming - Augustus 2021

Vernieuwd 2 aug 2021 (Geplaatst op 1 aug 2021)

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Update 1
Vanaf nu te claimen!
Hi gamers, voor Augustus zijn de PC games bekend en een aantal exclusieve content (PC en sommigen ook voor consoles), gratis te claimen vanaf 02-08-2021 voor members van Amazon Prime!

Laatste kans om de games van Juli nog te claimen als je dat nog niet gedaan had!

Hieronder een overzicht.

Amazon Prime is een lidmaatschap voor €2,99 p/m, als nieuwe lid krijg je 30 dagen gratis proefperiode. Als lid heb je de volgende voordelen:

- Onbeperkt gratis bezorging op Amazon NL.
- Toegang tot populaire films en tv-series, waaronder ook Amazon Originals.
- Gratis games en in-game-content, Twitch channel abonnement en meer.
- Beveiligde, onbeperkt opslag van foto's.

A Normal Lost Phone (Metascore: 71)
In this puzzle video game explore the intimacy of an unknown person whose phone was found by the player.

Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story (Metascore: 71)
Jump into the social life of Laura in this spiritual sequel to A Normal Lost Phone.

Battlefield V (Metascore: 81)
Battlefield 5 takes the series back to World War II and features a myriad of exciting multiplayer modes, including the narrative-laced Grand Operations.

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (Metascore: TBD)
The man with the hat is back in his greatest adventure yet in LucasArts’ iconic point-and-click adventure game.

Lost Horizon 2 (Metascore: 58)
While the tensions between the superpowers threaten to tear the world apart, the British soldier has to save his family that has been caught by powerful enemies.

Metamorphosis (Metascore: 69)
Play as a tiny bug, Gregor, in the first-person adventure set in a surrealist world where player’s newfound abilities are their last and only hope for redemption.

Planet Alpha (Metascore: 72)
In a beautiful alien world filled with mystery and danger, players must harness the power of night and day while struggling to survive.

Secret Files: Tunguska (Metascore: 66)
Unravel one of the greatest mysteries of our time in the graphic adventure video game.

Verder ook exclusieve content voor verschillende games, zoals:

- Apex Legends (Crypto Dragon Skin)
- Assassin's Creed Valhalla (Druidic Settlement Bundle)
- Dauntless (Arcslayer Mortar Spear War Pike Bundle)
- Destiny 2 (Merciless Exotic Bundle Drop)
- Epic Seven (Tera-Phantasma, 500,000/1,000,000 Golds, Greater Accessory Charms, 20x Leif)
- Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (Beetle Buddy Bundle)
- FIFA 21 (Prime Gaming Pack)
- Genshin Impact (Prime Gaming Bundle)
- Grand Theft Auto Online (Get free access to the Auto Shop Property in Strawberry and more)
- Guild Wars 2 (Booster Pack with Mini Pet)
- Last Day on Earth: Survival (Kevlar Armor Set and Minigun, Rank III Husky Puppy, Backpack Lvl 3 etc)
- League of Legends (Skin Shards)
- Legends of Runeterra (Epic Wildcard)
- Madden NFL 21 (Gaming Pack)
- MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 (Daily Box In-game Currency)
- Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (Amazon Prime Chest, Hero and Skin Trial Cards)
- Paladins (Carnival Ying Skin)
- Rainbow Six Siege (7-Day Renown Booster)
- Red Dead Online (Get a Reward for a free Hat up to Rank 15, an Offer for 50% off the Rolling Block Rifle, and more)
- Rogue Company (Atlantic Ocean Camo Wingsuit)
- Sea of Thieves (Ruby Splashtail Hull Pack)
- SMITE (Gummy Worm Medusa Skin)
- Valorant (Can't Teach That Spray)
- World of Tanks (Fresh Look)
- World of Warships (Dutch Commander Bundle, Premium Cruiser Emden Pack)
- World of Warships: Legends (Summer Supplies)

En veel meer!

Happy Gaming!
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