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Amazon Prime Gaming - Februari 2022 (NU GELDIG!)

Vernieuwd 3 feb (Geplaatst op 25 jan)

Deze aanbieding is verlopen. Hier zijn wat interessante opties voor je:

Update 1
Deal is nu geldig
vanaf 1/2/22 kan je de volgende games claimen op prime gaming
De Prime gaming home page heeft ook een vernieuwde look gekregen en is veel duidelijker/overzichterlijk naar mijn mening.

Kans bestaat dat er nog een EA titel bijkomt maar dat is even afwachten.


Get ready to explore, discover and interact with a multitude of species on a great journey among the stars. Forge a galactic empire by sending scientific missions to analyze and explore the universe, while your construction ships set up stations in orbit of the planets thus discovered. Discover hidden treasures and other galactic marvels as you guide your society step by step, imposing limits and evolutions on your explorers. Alliances will be formed. Wars will break out.

Double Kick Heroes

Slay the zombies in rhythm with Metal in the ears! Survive the highways of Hell on 24 crazy levels! Plus 6 metal band tracks and a level editor to import your own tracks!


A story of survival in a world without law or justice where, faced with many moral dilemmas, only your choices matter. Manage your party, food and gear in this non-linear narrative survival simulator featuring 34 different endings.

As Far As The Eye

Build a nomadic village and travel with your tribe to the center of the world, called the Eye. This turn-based resource management roguelike is made up of procedural situations and climatic events. Ready for the adventure?

Golazo! Soccer League

Golazo is a dynamic arcade football game with a medium-sized fields, no fouls and offsides whistled. Just pure fun!

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