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Amazon Prime Gaming - Juli 2022

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Update 1
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Gratis 4 games te claimen met Prime Gaming tot 1 aug!

Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark
Maniac Mansion
Fishing: North Atlantic - Enhanced Edition

Ook op 12 en 13 juli zijn ook deze top games te claimen!

Mass Effect Legendary EditionNeed for Speed™ Heat
GRID™ Legends
Star Wars™ Jedi Knight — Jedi Academy™
Star Wars™ Republic Commando™
Star Wars™ Jedi Knight II — Jedi Outcast™


Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark is a turn-based tactical RPG with a focus on storytelling and strategic battles. Unfold a mature story as you progress through hand-crafted scenarios, controlling your own group of Arbiters, with each character customizable from a wide selection of classes and abilities!

  • Experience an epic and mature story, unfolding through over 40 story encounters and topped with challenging end-game content.
  • Classic tactical combat battles, with rugged terrain and elevation, taking place on beautiful hand-drawn environments.
  • A deep and complex class system with over 30 classes and 300 abilities lets you truly customize every one of your characters through the selection of their class, sub-class and passives. Carefully craft the character you envision, be it a versatile generalist, a dedicated spell-caster or a mighty foe-crushing specialist!
  • Customize your troops' appearance your way, by selecting their portrait, outfit, colors and overall visuals from a wide selection.
  • Equip your army with over 240 pieces of equipment, either purchased, gathered from fallen enemies or created from crafting.

Maniac Mansion

Quick, Dr. Fred's Kidnapped Sandy and he's about to start the experiment...

Dave and his friends have come to rescue Sandy before she donates her brains to Dr. Fred. And you are the brains behind their efforts to solve the many mysteries of Maniac Mansion…

• What really happened when that meteor landed 20 years ago?
• How did it change Dr. Fred, Nurse Edna, and Weird Ed?
• What is a Green Tentacle and how do you feed it?
• Why is there a chainsaw in the kitchen?
• Why is there a nuclear reactor in the basement?
• How does Razor get her hair to stand up like that?
• Why does Dr. Fred keep going, ""Heh, heh, heh...""?

• Explore room after room. Collect weird stuff. Laugh out loud. Feel a little spooky.
• Choose your own reckless rescue trio from seven unlikely volunteers.
• Five exciting ways to unravel the mystery. Hundreds of hilarious ways to guess wrong!
• No typing ever! Point 'n' click to select characters, objects and actions.

Includes both Original and Enhanced versions.


As President Rayne, lead the nation of Sordland in your first term of this text-based RPG. Navigate a political drama driven by conversations with your cabinet members. With looming war, rooted corruption, economic crisis and reform needed, the choices fall on your shoulders. How will you lead?

  • Weighty, dramatic conversations: Navigate intricate conversations in this 400K-word branching political drama.
  • Every choice has consequences: Make difficult choices on security, economy, diplomacy and more. Even outside the office, your values and beliefs will be challenged.
  • Make allies and enemies: Interact with a wide array of characters with different personalities and ideologies.
  • The oath of office versus family and values: See the real impact of the choices made in office on your family and close relationships
  • Pay attention to current events: Follow the situation in Sordland through reports and news.
  • What will your legacy be?: You can take the country in many different directions, resulting in one of 9 different major endings.
  • Every decision you make is final: there is an autosave feature that does not allow loading earlier saves. Make choices carefully.

Fishing: North Atlantic - Enhanced Edition

Commercial fishing in North Atlantic! Discover majestic world of Canadian Nova Scotia while admiring the vast diversity of ocean life. Search for the ocean gold with upgradable fishing boats and various fishing gear as you progress in your fisherman career.

Key Features
  • Fishing methods – Harpooning, Deepline, Lobster, Crabbing, Longline, Net, Trawling
  • Fish species – Swordfish, Tuna, Lobster, Snow Crab, Cod, Haddock, Pollack, Redfish, Mackerel, Silver Hake
  • Advanced watershader and weather system, with realistic weather data from the area
  • Dynamic fish prices – Other fishingboats will also fish and deliver fish at the ports, which affects the prices
  • Dynamic fish habitats – Fish will swim around the map through the yearly seasons
  • 29 real handcrafted boats available from fishing industry licensepartners
  • Huge map over Nova Scotia, Canada (200x300km) with six realistic ports
  • Fishing industry license partners - A.F. Theriault & Son, Skipasyn, Scanmar, Hermes, Selfa and Moen Marin
  • RTX support
  • New license partner Pronav, NorSap and Mostein
  • New custom start option
  • New volumetric cloud system

Community Updates
De extra games waren vannacht nog niet te claimen, maar nu wel:

Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Need for Speed Heat
GRID Legends
Star Wars Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy
Star Wars Republic Commando
Star Wars Jedi Knight II - Jedi Outcast
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    WiseOldMan_02/07/2022 09:14

    Alleen vandaag te claimen?

    Deze 4 kan je in de hele maand juli claimen
    Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark
    Maniac Mansion
    Fishing: North Atlantic - Enhanced Edition
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    Kun je het ook op een chromebook spelen?
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    ff domme vraag, maakt het uit of het .nl of .de prime is? Ik heb .de prime. Geen zin dat ik dan die kwijt raak omdat ik de games op .nl claim.
    Dat maakt niet uit met .de prime kan je ook gewoon claimen
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    Op 12 en 13 juli zijn ook deze top games te claimen!

    Mass Effect Legendary EditionNeed for Speed Heat
    GRID Legends
    Star Wars Jedi Knight — Jedi Academy
    Star Wars Republic Commando
    Star Wars Jedi Knight II — Jedi Outcast


    Of abonneer op mijn aanbieding
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    Zelfs Grid legends. Die is nog vrij recent! Thanks!
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    Waar zijn deze games eigenlijk op te spelen?
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    Geweldig die Maniac Mansion
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    Maniac mansion vroeger op de NES gespeeld
    Zowel op nes als c64 gehad. Geweldig spel: you found a chainsaw, but it's out of fuel.
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    Nu wel te downloaden. Legends al binnen
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    Kan deze post niet weer extra actief gezet worden ofzo? Mensen gaan die 5 vette games missen.
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    Weer een hele rits games geclaimed die ik nooit ga spelen
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    Remind me
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    Remind me
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    Oooeh… kan je ook !remindme voor Prime Day? Mass Effect
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