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Amazon Prime Gaming - Maart 2022 (NU GELDIG!)

Vernieuwd 3 mrt (Geplaatst op 22 feb)

Deze aanbieding is verlopen. Hier zijn wat interessante opties voor je:

Update 1
Deal is vanaf nu geldig
vanaf 1/3/22 kan je de volgende games claimen op prime gaming
De Prime gaming home page heeft ook een vernieuwde look gekregen en is veel duidelijker/overzichterlijk naar mijn mening.

Steamworld Quest (Amazon launcher)

Lead a squad of aspiring heroes through a beautifully hand-drawn world and survive intense combat with the help of your wits and a handful of cards. Build your own deck from over 100 unique punch cards to overcome any challenge imaginable!

Madden NFL 22 (Origin)

Postseason awaits in Madden NFL 22 with exclusive events and new content! Experience Wild Card Weekend, Pro Bowl and Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles and earn great rewards. Obtain items for Ultimate Team and The Yard by logging into the game. In both modes there is a new reward every week for the first three weeks; even if you log into the game every week and complete every set, even better rewards await before Super Bowl LVI!

Surviving Mars (EpicGames)

Welcome Home! Lay down your claims to the red planet and establish the first working human colony on Mars! All you need is oxygen, decades of training, sandstorm experience, and a positive attitude

Crypto: Against all Odds (Amazon launcher)

Take on the role of a cybersecurity expert and fight against hackers and other blockchain threats in this interactive cypherpunk fiction. Tactical tower defense gameplay combined with squad customization, base building and simulation.

The Stillness of the Wind (Amazon launcher)

A quiet game about life and loss. One by one, the residents of the once-bustling farm left their homes to seek their fortunes in the city. All except Talma. Now very old, Talma leads a simple, withdrawn life.

plague quest (Amazon launcher)

Embark on a mission of epic importance in Pesterquest, a gritty episodic visual novel adventure set in the darkly comical Homestuck/Hiveswap universe. Find all the answers you're looking for as you bounce back and forth between Earth and Alternia, and make friends along the way.

looK INside - Chapter 1 (Amazon launcher)

In a book found in the attic, Manon discovers the past of her family members through their memories, their gestures, their quirks and their little secrets

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