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Battlefield 1 revolution + Battlefield 1943 (xbox one, digital key)

Battlefield 1 revolution + Battlefield 1943 (xbox one, digital key)

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Battlefield 1 revolution + Battlefield 1943 (xbox one, digital key)
Geplaatst op 27e nov 2020
Kijk, dat is nog eens goedkoop gamen! 2 goede games voor 1,15 per stuk .

Battlefield 1 kent een metacritic van 87/100…d-1

Battlefield 1943 83/100…943

Van de website:
Battlefield 1 Revolution and Battlefield 1943 includes the base game and expansion packs.

Battlefield 1: Revolution Edition for Xbox One Includes:

Battlefield 1 Base GameBattlefield 1 Premium PassBattlefield 1 Deluxe Edition ContentBattlefield 1 Hellfighther PackBattlefield 1943 Full Game

The top 3 reasons to play Battlefield 1 Revolution and Battlefield 1943

Battlefield 1 has one of the most epic single-player campaigns in the series’ history-- filled with combat in the air, land, and sea throughout various WWI battles.The Battlefield 1: Revolution Edition brings you access to the Premium Pass! In addition to the base game you’ll get 4 large expansions, 14 Battlepacks, priority server queue position and more! See the details below for more information.This special offer also includes Battlefield 1943-- an entire stand-alone World War II multiplayer experience is yours for free.

About Battlefield 1: Revolution Edition + Battlefield 1943Experience The Great War like no video game has done before in this award-winning first-person shooter.Battlefield 1’s single-player mode features stories you’ll never forget. See the war through the eyes of individual soldiers and experience war like you’ve never seen it before.Tight, tactical, competitive multiplayer awaits you in Battlefield 1. Prepare for new maps and new conflicts.Battlefield 1 features brand new game modes, and even the option of engaging in massive 64-player skirmishes!Customize your soldier in Battlefield 1 by unlocking exclusive equipment, or show your skill with special vehicle and weapon skins.
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