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Beamdog Ultimate Collector's Pack (PS4)
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Beamdog Ultimate Collector's Pack (PS4)

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88° Verlopen
Beamdog Ultimate Collector's Pack (PS4)
Geplaatst op 6e mei 2021

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Inhoud Beamdog Ultimate Collectors Edition:
- Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition
- Planescape Torment / Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition
- Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Editiom
- Engraved Metal Dice Set & Beholder Dice Tray
- Morte Squishy Stress Ball
- Parchment Style Map
- Faux Leather Journal with Beholder emblem
- Set of 2 Pins (Bhaalspawn and Lady of Pain
- 4 Lithograph Prints met fan-favoriete characters van elke game
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