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Bear Air Fryer 3.5L Green + Bear A19A Air Fryer Electric Deep Fryers Oil Free 3L 1350W Black

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Bear A19A Air Fryer Electric Deep Fryers Oil Free 3L 1350W Black ! 35 euro eraf e van 59,99 voor 24,99!

Product Description for Bear Air Fryer 3.5L Green
Start cooking healthy with this hot air fryer. With no less than 3.5L content, you can prepare a lot in one go. Suitable for baking, roasting, grilling, frying and roasting.
✓ Without oil
✓ Healthy frying
✓ Content
✓ Grilling
✓ Fragrance

Cook deliciously and healthily with Bear. Bear VS-8083A greaseless fryer will help you do that, and thanks to its large capacity (3.5 l) it is perfect for a family of several people. The device uses hot air, thanks to which the dishes cooked are tasty, but also healthy. The 1300 W power translates into efficient operation, and thanks to the temperature and time regulation you will be able to prepare a variety of dishes and desserts.

Without oil
The fast air circulation of hot air and an optimal heating profile ensure that from now on you can also prepare delicious fries and other snacks without having to add oil or frying fat. The food gets a crispy crust but still stays juicy inside!

Healthy frying
Because no fat is used, the food is naturally much healthier than when you use a traditional deep fryer.
The Bear fat-free fryer uses hot air circulation and allows you to cook your favourite dishes without adding oil. So you can enjoy healthy, easily digestible and low-calorie food. Importantly, the hot air evenly heats food on all sides, making it tender and juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Thanks to the very spacious capacity of 3.5 liters, you can easily use the hot air fryer for the whole family

Another additional advantage of this air technology is that much less odors and vapors are released during preparation. The device is easy to clean, safe and economical for daily use. The must-have in every kitchen!

The Bear has practical knobs with which you can easily set the temperature and time. The fryer automatically pauses when you remove the food basket and resumes operation when you put it back in. In addition, you can use the information on the top to choose the right parameters for the food you are cooking. Perfect for people who don't have much experience in the kitchen.

The Bear fat-free fryer successfully replaces the microwave, electric oven or frying pan. The device allows you not only to fry fat-free fries, but also to prepare steaks, fish or shrimps. Additionally, it will allow you to heat up dinner or bake a cake. This one appliance will make your everyday life easier and help you prepare tasty and healthy meals.

The fat-free fryer has a capacity of 3.5 litres, making it the perfect product for a family of up to four. The basket has been covered with non-stick material, so food does not stick to its surface. The clever design means that you can easily remove the basket elements and wash them under running water. The efficient cooling system is also worth mentioning.

Please be mindful of the power limitations in the electrical environment. In areas with lower power capacity, such as aging circuits or student dormitories, avoid using multiple high-power appliances like the Bear Air Fryer and washing machine simultaneously to prevent tripping the circuit breaker.

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  1. BabyYoda-'s avatar
    Die 10 euro is toch geldig vanaf 29?
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    Je hebt gelijk, de 10 euro korting is vanaf 29 euro, heb het verwijderd.
  2. Mitchell.L's avatar
    Heb die zwarte een keer gekocht via ochama.
    1x in gebruik gehad. Sloegen gelijk de stoppen door en een verbranden lucht uit de air fryer. Zou er maar mee oppassen. (aangepast)
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    Balen, hier al bijna een jaar frequent in gebruik zonder problemen. Toen ook €25 voor betaald. 
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    The unBEARable lightness of frying
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    BearFryer Force 1!
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    Goed geprobeard
  5. Doctorpepper's avatar
    Opvolger van de Bear Grills?

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    Bear with me!!
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    An airfryer for the bearish people.
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