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Beneath a Steel Sky [] {gratis]
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Beneath a Steel Sky [] {gratis] Aanbiedingen
342° Verlopen
Beneath a Steel Sky [] {gratis]
Geplaatst op 19e jul 2020

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Robert Foster is an innocent outsider stranded in a vast city where oppressed civilians live and work in soaring tower blocks... while the corrupt, covetous and rich lie underground, shielded from all pollution. Alone, save for a robot circuit board, Foster must fight for survival... and discover the sinister truth behind his abduction...

Paranoid population. Psychotic criminals. Power hungry corporation. Big Brother government. Haves and have nots.

In the not so impossible future. In the melting pot of Union City. All man's social problems are coming to a boil. Under the claustrophobic lid of a steel sky.

From the pit of the industrial level to the belly of commercial sector, to the spheres where the rich and powerful play. It's Man against Man. Man against Machine. Man against Time. In an urban hell only you can liberate... Maybe.
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