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Catherine Full Body: Premium Edition PS4 Games
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Catherine Full Body: Premium Edition PS4 Games

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nov 26e 2019

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Special edition van de Playstation 4 game "Catherine".

Inclusief game, soundtrack, artbook en steelbook.
Voor de eenzame nachten zit er ook nog een leuk schaapje bij om mee te knuffelen.

Zal snel uitverkocht zijn, sla je slag snel en kies je favoriete Catherine.
Kies voor afleveren op een ophaalpunt en levering is gratis (als prime member)

ennuh ook nog even een google translate naar Engels van de pagina

omschrijving :
Catherine now even more animalistic, complex and seductive experience! Vincent is caught in an erotic love triangle between his girlfriend Katherine and his lover Catherine. Vincent quickly realizes that whoever wants to get up in love can fall very deeply. This is all the more true as a new temptation occurs. With the all-new protagonist Rin, the turbulent triangle becomes a quadrilateral relationship that further challenges Vincent between stability and adventure.
The acclaimed horror erotic puzzler of Japanese cult developer ATLUS is finally returning. The innovative combination of challenging puzzles and atmospheric RPG / adventure elements takes the player into an unusual and exciting adventure packed with new content.

A retouched version: The story of Catherine, winner of several awards in 2011, appears as Catherine: full body in a new, beautiful garb. Improved graphics as well as gameplay, new music and several new multiplayer options await the player in this reissue.
From triangle to quadrangle: The story gets a whole new twist with the arrival of the mysterious Rin. Dozens of new cinematics and cutscenes have been added to the game to give players an even deeper insight into Vincent's life.
Even more complicated puzzles: Arrange Mode adds even more complex blocks to classic puzzles. These require new strategies and techniques to successfully complete the game. There are over 500 puzzles in Catherine: Full Body.
Always on the safe side: The 'safety mode' gives the player at any time the opportunity to activate the "Auto-Play" button to see how Vincent solves the puzzle alone.

The Catherine: Full Body 'Heart's Desire Premium Edition' contains:
Sheep stuffed animal: The player can become part of the herd with the incredibly fluffy sheep. As a special extra, the sheep also carries Vincent's famous boxer shorts.
Soundtrack CD: The CD contains the various songs of the game.
Hardcover art book: Lead designer Shigenori Soejima's illustrations can be found in the beautiful Art-Book.
Metal-Case: Rin, Catherine and Katherine are depicted on this beautiful metal case.
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WTF is dit voor tjak? Wat meer info had ook wel gemogen.
Toch maar even geklikt, het is: een "Horror-Erotik-Puzzler", nice, zo worden de Amazon aanbevelingen natuurlijk steeds nauwkeuriger
Nice, bedankt! Dit spel wou ik nog graag. Heb nu de premium besteld, die limited editie van Nedgame is ook een mooie deal.
Succath26/11/2019 11:06

die bij Nedgame is …die bij Nedgame is goedkoper

Die van NedGame was de LE (Launch edition). Da's de game + steelcase (lijkt mij geen steelbook toe)

Dit is de CE. De game + steelcase + soundtrack + artbook + schaap knuffel. En dat alles in verpakt in een doos.
Nadeel is wel dat dit een Duitste uitgave is. Dus wat Duitse teksten op de doos en cover en bovenal: USK logo
Is het een zoötomisch correct schaap? Ik vraag dit voor een vriend.
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