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Chernobylite Short Story DLC gratis te claimen

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”Chernobylite Short Story: The Arrival” tells the story of Sashko Horobets, one of Igor's companions. What brings Sashko to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone? Will he find the answers he's looking for?
Available in English only. This content requires the base game Chernobylite.

“Sashko was after someone – someone who was on the run, someone he desperately needed to have a word with. And this person was here, in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. „Why this radioactive hellhole, of all places” – he wondered – „Why not Caracas or Mexico City?” On top of that, this place had attracted corporate vultures with enough cash to hire an army of mercs and lock down the entire area. NAR, that’s what they were called. Rumors say that strange things are happening in the Zone. That this place has changed and it’s even more dangerous than before...”
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