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Chromebook Lenovo Ideapad Duet - tweede kans @reviewclub
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Chromebook Lenovo Ideapad Duet - tweede kans @reviewclub

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Chromebook Lenovo Ideapad Duet - tweede kans @reviewclub
Geplaatst op 20e mei 2021

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Deze is als nieuw. Heb hier eerder een google nest speaker gekocht en die was netjes geleverd en in prima staat.

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This is the very best quality. They have an excellent cosmetic aspect and show no signs of previous use, maybe only minimum ones. However, no scratches or significant “bruises” are noticeable. For products that collect waste (vacuum cleaners, shavers or hygiene products), they are as good as new and with minimal or no evidence of use. Some products that use any other substance (Ex. gel) might not have all of it. Additionally, the packaging box can be a little damaged.

Chromebooks are computers that run on the Chrome OS operating system. Whether for work, study or entertainment, the richness of the range makes it possible to meet the needs of users. They have major strengths to meet new consumer uses: 1) Speed: start in seconds, does not slow down over time thanks to its automatic updates every 6 weeks. 2) Security: antivirus already integrated and multiple security levels for continuous data protection. 3) Battery: a very long battery life to be always efficient. Finally, the Google Play Store makes it possible to find all the productivity and entertainment applications, accessible both online and offline.
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