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Crypchania een gratis RPG die via Blockchain werkt
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Crypchania een gratis RPG die via Blockchain werkt

Geplaatst op 24e dec 2019

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Kan deze game tegen. Best leuk en gratis! Volgens de website draait het spel op block chain. Geen idee hoe dat dan werkt, maar misschien interessant voor mensen die opzoek zijn naar iets anders.

Thanks @Misskimmiii, heb de code toegevoegd.

Tekst website:
Enjoy a fresh old school classic 2D multiplayer RPG with a active turnbased battle system.

You are send on a quest to deliver a package to the Western Isles. As you travel you meet people, monsters and bandits. Walking from town to town, dungeon to dungeon and even castles, caves and forests to discovering the dark secrets CrypChania has to offer.

Most side quests are created with a lot of emotions and a large wink to other games of the genre. CrypChania contains more then 80 hours of gameplay and is growing fast, with new quests that are added.

The game has some small coöp elements and challenges where players can battle each other to see who is the fastest, strongest or smartest. The winners receiv a trophy and endless fame. So be sure to invite your friends, when you take on this challenge.
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