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Geplaatst op 6 nov 2021

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Geen idee of dit wat is, maar Renegade heeft over het algemeen wel leuke spellen.
En voor die 6 euro valt het best uit te proberen.


Doggy acrobats are coming to town! They practiced so hard before the show, but unfortunately, their trainer has fallen ill! What should they do without their trusted trainer? How can they keep the practice going? Oh! Maybe the new trainer can help them out! Come on! The doggy show is counting on you now!

Doggy Go! is a speed game in which players try to be the first to complete the patterns on acrobat cards with their doggy tiles. Whoever scores the most acrobat cards in the end wins!

This edition of Doggy Go! contains both the original Doggy Go! game and the Doggy Go! Plus expansion.
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