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Elegoo neptune 2s 3d printer

Gedeeld door KingTim2000
Lid sinds 2022

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Nog een leuke 3d printer aanbieding denk ik, ook op amazon tekoop voor 219,99.Zou hem zelf kopen maar ik heb al 3 ender 3's dus misschien teveel van het goede haha

[Accurate and Stable Extrusion] The double-gear metal extruder is equipped with a spring elasticity adjustment design and a special titanium alloy throat pipe, which reduces the risk of nozzle blockage, makes the output more uniform, and the printing is more stable. [PEI Spring Steel Magnetic Platform] Neptune 2S adopts a new platform of a special coating combined with spring steel, easy model removal by bending or popping. It is not easy to deform at high temperature, detachable, and has a longer service life.Widely compatible with PLA/ABS/PETG/TPU filaments. [Fast and Silent Printing] Neptune 2S 3D printer equipped with a 32-bit motherboard and SMT32F chip, with a memory up to 1M FLASH makes the system run smoother and faster; The Silent stepper driver ensures that the motherboard has silent printing and accurate voltage output to ensure silent printing. [Resume print and Material breakage detection] Equipped with a material break detection switch, NEPTUNE 2S can always detect the machine power failure and pause printing, and the automatic recovery function will continue printing when the power is disconnected. [More functions] A. Use oversized metal hand-tightened nuts and mold springs, which are ergonomic and convenient to use; B. Silent drive to ensure accurate and silent printing;C. Intelligent fan system, which automatically shuts down after cooling, prolongs the life of the machine .D. 3.5-inch touch screen, easy to operate.
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    Gekocht! Bedankt voor het delen. Mijn eerste 3d printer.
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    'Automatic fan system' super handig, hoef je niet handmatig de part cooling fan te draaien...
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    Besteld! Thanks. Zal direct Marlin custom firmware installeren. Verder nog tips?
    Auto level sensortje zou ik je aan kunnen bevelen!