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Europa Universalis IV Complete

Geplaatst op 1 apr 2022
Mooi spel als je nog wat tijd over hebt. Nu compleet bij Humble Bundle.

Master the arts of war, diplomacy, and trade over centuries of history in Paradox Interactive’s landmark grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV! This bundle features the acclaimed core game and more than 30 add-ons that span the game’s own rich history. Plus, your purchase helps support World Central Kitchen and their efforts to provide food relief to the people of Ukraine.

Choose between Steam or Epic Games Store keys for every Expansion, Content Pack, and Immersion Pack through 2021’s Leviathan, the Ultimate Unit Pack & Ultimate Music Pack—plus get an exclusive discount on the most recent Immersion Pack, Origins.

Discover one of the most detailed historical strategy games ever made, or complete your EUIV collection!
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