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Featured free Unreal Marketplace content—April 2023

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Thanks to a partnership with creators on the Unreal Engine Marketplace, we make a select amount of content free to the Unreal community each month. Whether you’re an artist, designer, or programmer, you’ll find useful resources available to download at no extra cost.

Check out this month’s selection below!April’s featured free content:Underwater World / 70 Assets | Pack Dev
Dive deep into an aquatic wonderland filled with numerous props all using a custom material that enables them to be adjusted for various combinations. Beware of the rigged shark lurking in the depths!
Isometric World: Sky Temple | GameAssetFactory
Perfect for exploration in an isometric or top-down view, this skybound island includes game-ready assets, Blueprints, Niagara VFX systems, and more.
Endless Custom Random World Generator (With Level Streaming) | Slightly Esoteric Studios
Generate endlessly sprawling open worlds or maze-like interior environments with a Blueprint that can support custom levels built from your own assets.
Big Star Station (LUMEN) | 3D SMART
Featuring lighting fully made using Lumen and many high-poly base assets created in SOLIDWORKS, this sprawling space station is immediately ready for movies, games, and still renders.
Mediterranean Rustic Interior | Jaime Perez
Enjoy the view as you unwind inside your own rustic Mediterranean villa decked out with 47 high-quality meshes and 35 project-ready materials.

Like always, remember to grab this month’s content fast—it’s only free until the end of April!
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    Kan je deze content ook gebruiken in de Fortnite engine? (aangepast)