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Featured free Unreal Marketplace content—January 2023

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Thanks to a partnership with creators on the Unreal Engine Marketplace, we make a select amount of content free to the Unreal community each month. Whether you’re an artist, designer, or programmer, you’ll find useful resources available to download at no extra cost.

Check out this month’s selection below!January’s featured free content:Did it hit - Trace Detection Plugin | ProjectZero263883_1.jpg
Need a quick and efficient collision-detection system for your melee combat, but don’t feel sharp enough to create your own? This plugin might point you in the right direction.
Magic & Spell Sounds PRO | Cafofo Music263883_1.jpg
Boom! Pow! Whoosh! Bzzzz! This high-quality, comprehensive sound pack has 615 magical effects, perfect for RPGs and fantasy games.
Orca Games Full Animations Bundle | Orca Games263883_1.jpg
Don’t break a sweat creating animations from the ground up! Take the weight off your shoulders with 398 animations that really work out.
Procedural Biomes | MYTHRA TECH263883_1.jpg
Breathe deep, exhale, and take in the beauty of the great outdoors in three different game-ready biomes, featuring unique assets for each environment ranging from 10 types of grass, photo-scanned rocks, a global wind system, and more.
Triplex House Villa | 1D.STUDIO263883_1.jpg
Who needs to lurk on realty apps when you can explore the nooks and crannies of this villa? Featuring seven different spaces from a children’s playroom to an indoor gym, it’s home sweet home.

Like always, remember to grab this month’s content fast—it’s only free until the end of January!
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