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(Free weekend) Torqued Up Legends @Steam
Geplaatst op 17e apr 2021
Torqued Up Legends is an arcade style, multiplayer racing game. It is not a realistic racing game. With 20 different Tracks and 20 different cars its has a lot of content. We use a nitro boosting system which allows for cars to Nuke slow or crashed opponents. The nitro is designed to be a recovery tool, a catch up mechanic, and a weapon. Crashes and spin outs happen often and are expected. The game is a kart racer with a flair for real world driving mechanics. The vehicles should be thought of as notorious or infamous personas with out any sort of real world counter part. The vehicle engines are all relatively close in speed and performance and each upgrade simply increases its current stats. We have a large library of cosmetic upgrades, with global leader boards and working towards individual vehicle performance upgrades. We have a ranking and bidding system to make races more competitive and engaging. Your car will explode and your wheels will fly off in hilarious failure. The game is 2 parts frustrating and 3 parts that felt rewarding when things go well.
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