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Funkoverse Harry Potter Strategy Game
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Funkoverse Harry Potter Strategy Game

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Geplaatst op 26e dec 2020

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De korting geldt voor veel funko's, maar voor het spel is het een bodemprijs.

8,39 + 1,50 verzending. Wordt verzonden vanuit de UK, dus kan even duren.


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Funko Games Funkoverse Harry Potter Board Game Strategy Game

Funkoverse functions like many other strategy board games. Every turn, each player can perform two actions with a single unit e.g. moving across the board or using any of the characters unique abilities. The powers are based on a cool down system, which means players will have to wait a few turns before they can use them again. It works like it would in a video game: the stronger the power, the longer the cool down.

Since each unit is unique, players can mix and match franchises to figure out their favourite character and power combinations.

Content: 4 exclusive Mini Funko Pop! Vinyl game figures, a double-sided game board, game cards, dice
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