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[GRATIS] Banana Hell @STEAM
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[GRATIS] Banana Hell @STEAM

GRATIS€2,39Steam Aanbiedingen
310° Verlopen
[GRATIS] Banana Hell @STEAM
Geplaatst op 25 sep 2021

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Banana Hell is a platform jumping challenge game, move upwards to collect mysterious crystals! An adventure that will require full control and mastery of your jumping techniques. An extremely hard platform game filled with banana monologues.Gameplay:- Jumping your way up!
Jump through the platforms and move your way up to complete the levels! Avoid the enemies or you'll be knocked down, simple as that (or maybe not).

- Simple controls, but hard to master!
The right time to move, the precise moment to duck, and the perfect jump, you will need to master these simple commands to beat the game. Maybe it sounds easy, but it's harder than it looks!

- Extremely challenging!
It's a really hard game, prepare to spend hours to finish! Pixel perfect jumps, using the enemies in your favor, and progressively harder design, can you beat this?

- Banana monologues!
You are not alone in this quest, Bananaman is a very chattery person. You've got an amazing company full of bad jokes!-The higher you climb, the heavier you fall!- 5 extremely challenging levels!- Over 300 banana lines of speech!

"This is a hard game. I mean... really hard. A rage game, some would say.
And it's about me, a Banana... that's also a man, at the same time I mean -- I'm sorry is this too confusing? This game doesn't make sense, I know.
Ah, I've forgotten to tell you, I'm very annoying, and also don't like you - the player."
-- 2020, Bananaman Johnson about Banana Hell.

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