Gratis cursussen van LinkedIn

Gratis cursussen van LinkedIn

Gratis cursussen van LinkedIn
Geldig tot 31/03/2021Geplaatst op 1e jan 2021
Begin het jaar goed met deze gratis cursussen voor de 10 vakgebieden met de meest geplaatste vacatures op LinkedIn.

Ik ben verder niet bekend met de kwaliteit van de cursussen op LinkedIn, maar gratis is gratis... En wie weet leer je er ook nog wat van

Software developer
Programming, storage, networking, security, and deployment; HTML, CSS, SQL, Javascript, Python.

Sales representative
Negotiation, CRM, new business development, B2B, storytelling, social media.

Project manager
Program management, process improvement, project performance.

IT administrator
Manage systems, subscriptions, configuration, and identity; Windows Server, Active Directory.

Customer service specialist
Customer satisfaction & experience, data entry, CRM, admin analysis.

Digital marketer

Social media, content strategy, SEO, marketing channels; Google Analytics, Google Ads.

IT support/ helpdesk
Troubleshooting, deployment; Active Directory, computer hardware, Microsoft Windows Server.

Data analyst

Data analysis, analytics, visualization; Microsoft Excel, SQL, BI, Tableau.

Financial analyst
Financial analysis, risk management, accounting, analytical skills, data analysis.

Graphic designer
Design systems, layout, color; Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop.

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