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Gratis Demon Disc EG wheels @Epic Games
Geplaatst op 18 okt 2021

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Voor de console mensen je moet via de launcher op pc de game starten om het te claimen in de store.
Leuk voor in je inventaris

Log in to the event via the Epic Games Store launcher during the Halloween Sale and get your FREE Demon Disc EG wheels

Log-in to Rocket League on PC through the Epic Games Launcher between October 18 and November 1 and they’ll be automatically added to your inventory.

What do I have to do to get these wheels?
Open the Epic Games Launcher on your PC, launch Rocket League from your library, and when the game has loaded you will automatically be awarded these wheels.

When can I get these wheels?
These wheels are being given away as part of the Epic Games Halloween Sale. You can get them anytime between 11am Eastern on October 18, 2021 and 11am Eastern on November 1, 2021.

Do I have to buy anything to get these wheels?
Nope! But you should, because we’ve got some spook-tastic deals this year!

Do I have to have an Epic Games account to get these wheels?
Yes, launching Rocket League from the Epic Games Launcher on PC requires an Epic Games account.

Is it possible to get these wheels by playing on another system, like a console?
This promotion is part of the Epic Games Halloween Sale, and to get the wheels you must launch Rocket League through the Epic Games Launcher on PC during the promotional window.

Am I restricted to using these wheels only when playing on the Epic Games Launcher?
Not at all. Once unlocked, they’re in your inventory to use wherever you play, whether that’s on PC, console, or both.
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