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[Gratis] Free Game - Plasma @ Steam

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Plasma is a pure engineering sandbox. Use advanced visual programming and robotics tools to create anything you can imagine.

Plasma is a creative engineering playground where you can build any device you can imagine. Bring to life your own amazing robots, factories, arcade machines, giant rampaging spiders, whole game worlds, and things that don't even have a name yet, then share them with the community.
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    Belangrijke informatie:

    We have two pieces of news to share today, a good one and a bad one.

    Starting with the good one, from May 30 Plasma will be free to download and play here on Steam.
    We are doing this in the hopes that as many people get to enjoy the game while it's still relevant.
    So if you or anyone you know are passionate about programming and/or robotics, now is the perfect time to mess around in the fun sandbox of Plasma.

    Onto the bad news, we had to make the hard decision to no longer support development of the game.
    We tried our best, made plenty of mistakes on the way, but ultimately the hard truth is that Plasma has totally failed as a commercial project.
    While there are things we wish we had done differently, we are still very proud of what we achieved as a small independent team.

    We would like to thank all players and members of the community that made the development journey of Plasma into something special and very memorable, without you the game would have been meaningless, we are sorry to let you down with this piece of news but we hope to see you again on our next adventure!
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    Er staat niet bij dat dit om een tijdelijke afprijsing gaat, maar dat het gewoon een free to play game is
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    No mans sky light?
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