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Gratis game: Gateways (Indiegala)
182° Verlopen

Gratis game: Gateways (Indiegala)

182° Verlopen
Gratis game: Gateways (Indiegala)
Geplaatst op 18e jan 2021

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Omschrijving van de makers:
"Grab the gateway guns and explore a huge lab filled with mysterious puzzles in this classic platforming adventure. Use gateway technology to leap from one place to another, change size to explore small passages or defeat large enemies, walk on walls and ceilings to reach new areas and even travel in time to work together with past echoes of yourself.

Move seamlessly between different areas of the vast labyrinthian map with no waiting for loading screens as you explore and discover new power ups. Use each of your new abilities to progress further, unlock shortcuts and find even more power ups. Can you escape?"
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