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(GRATIS) Kao the Kangaroo + Against All Odds + Horizon Chase Turbo @EpicGames NU GELDIG! (3 games)

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🥊 THE GAME 🥊Kao The Kangaroo is a 3D platformer from veterans of the genre Tate Multimedia, featuring a plucky, cheeky but a cutie, Kao The Kangaroo (Hey, just like in the title!) on a quest to uncover the truth around the disappearance of his father.

🥊 THE JOURNEY 🥊During his journey, Kao will explore a wide variety of beautifully detailed environments, each harboring secrets to uncover. At every turn, Kao faces new challenges. He’ll have to use all his skills while learning some new ones...not all of them being natural to the world he lives in! As they say, it’s the journey that makes us, not the destination.

🥊 THE CONTENT 🥊Being inspired by the heyday of 3D platformers, as well as building on Kao’s 21-year legacy, Kao The Kangaroo is packed with plenty of jumping, thumping, puzzle-solving, and collecting. A whole new amazing adventure with all the charm you’d expect from not just the genre, but Kao himself!

🥊 THE CAST 🥊Kao’s beautiful and bright world is filled with a host of colorful characters just waiting for you to meet them... in some cases (try to) defeat them! From wise mentors and inquisitive inventors to big old bullies, the cast of Kao The Kangaroo is as memorable as it is expansive!

🥊 THE FIGHT 🥊While on his journey Kao will have to overcome many foes. Quick and nimble strikers, slow and lumbering brutes, and everything in between. Kao will have to use all the lessons he’s learned to defeat those who stand before him…

🥊 THE GLOVES 🥊The mysterious, mesmerizing, long-buried, gloves Kao has on his paws are oozing with power yet to be fully unleashed. They’ll be a key tool in Kao’s journey, helping to ward off foes and traverse the world. Will the secrets of their power ever be fully understood? Kao looks to find out.

🥊 THE WORLD 🥊Explore a diverse range of Unique and beautiful interactive worlds filled with fresh challenges, enemies, puzzles, and secrets! Jump, climb, dive and ride your way through highly detailed environments as Kao progresses on his journey!

🥊 THE MISTERY 🥊Lurking behind Kao’s plane of existence lays a whole other world filled with mystery, uncontrollable power, and chaos...the Eternal World. A link between the two worlds exists, melding together. Its secrets are in Kao’s hands, giving him new powers...but at what cost?



Against All Odds

Welcome to the Slaughter League, the next global esports phenomenon. Join ten other athletes in a deadly foot race to the finish. There is only one rule: "You either finish first or nothing!". Run as fast as you can (watch out for the flamethrowers), jump as high as you can (avoiding the buzzsaws, if possible) and win over your rivals (or throw them into a strategically placed shredder).

Do you have what it takes to take on the Slaughter League and survive long enough to rise to the top?

beast modes!
Take on your friends or enemies in a ruthless race to the finish line dodging deadly gadgets.

Take part in classic races and endurance modes, where the last participant to die on an infinite track wins. Note: Survival is not essential to victory on each track.
Hunt down other competitors in Zombie mode and survive the traps until time runs out.
Death CAN be fun! Enjoy absurd impacts, varied animated deaths and first-class commentary. Beastly killing has never been so much fun.

Creative Eliminations!
The Slaughter League is also all about creativity: not just taking out opponents, but also creating competitive takedowns. After enjoying over 25 predefined levels, use creative mode to come up with a collection of deadly traps that will be all yours. Use the Stage Builder to create original levels, using over two dozen different traps and multiple environments, from stadiums to jungles to volcanoes, and even the moon!

Create new game modes using an open editing mode with a very intuitive rule creation tool. Combine events, conditions and actions to create original, deadly and most importantly entertaining game shows! Share your creations with other players using the built-in user creation browser, or try out others' crazy inventions with your athlete, standing out in style with hundreds of customization options for hair, clothing, and more.


Horizon Chase Turbo

Horizon Chase Turbo is a racing game inspired by the great hits of the 80s and 90s like Out Run, Top Gear (SNES) or Rush, among others. Relive the classic arcade gameplay and enjoy unlimited speed fun.

Horizon Chase Turbo offers split-screen multiplayer that brings back those nostalgic moments playing with your best friends on the couch at home.

Horizon Chase Turbo is inspired by the past, but still remains modern. The aesthetic of polygonal graphics and secondary colors creates a unique atmosphere.

In Horizon Chase Turbo you will drive your car through incredible places while you watch the sun set, rain, snow, volcanic ash fall and even go through dangerous sand storms.

The soundtrack is created by Barry Leitch, the legendary composer responsible for soundtracks to classic arcade racing games like Lotus Turbo Challenge, Top Gear (SNES) and Rush.

  • Graphics with 4K resolution.
  • Amazing classic split screen multiplayer mode with up to 4 players.
  • Multitude of content: 12 cups, 48 cities, 111 circuits, 33 unlockable cars and 12 improvements.


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