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[gratis] LOTRO 3 Expansions (Collector's Edition) + in game items

Geplaatst op 20 apr 2022

Deze aanbieding is verlopen. Hier zijn wat interessante opties voor je:

De MMORPG Lord of the Rings Online bestaat 15 jaar. Ter gelegenheid daarvan wordt een heleboel content permanent gratis beschikbaar (o.a. quests, skirmishes, classes, High Elf Race, zie link). Als je tussen 20 april 16:00 en 11 mei 09:00 inlogt met een character dat minstens lvl 2 is krijg je het volgende:

Make sure to log in between 10:00 AM Eastern on April 20th and 3:00 AM Eastern on May 11th to pick up your “Happy 15th Anniversary” gifts! When you log in you will receive the following if you are at least level two when the Anniversary Event is active:

Account-Wide Gifts:

  • Chestnut Corgi Pet
  • Steed of Starlight (This skill also auto-grants the Starlight Caparison, Head-piece, accessory, leg-guards, and saddle.
  • Collector’s Edition – Mordor Expansion
  • Collector’s Edition – Minas Morgul Expansion
  • Collector’s Edition – War of Three Peaks

Once per Account 15-year Celebration Login Gifts:

  • Mithril Coin x10
  • Gift of the Valar
  • Anniversary Small Carry-all Selection Box
  • 15-year Celebration Gift Box containing:
    • Trait: Riding Characteristic
    • Virtue Acceleration Tome: 2000 Bonus Virtue XP
    • Reputation Acceleration Tome
    • Slayer and Skill Deed Boost (90 minutes)
    • Tracery Reclamation Scroll
    • Tracery Token, Incomparable
    • Legendary Item Box


  • Make sure to log in on the world you wish to receive these awards. Once per Account rewards are distributed to the first character on the first world you log into while the Anniversary Event is active.
  • VIPs: The rewards you will receive for logging in during the Anniversary Event are in addition to the rewards every player will receive. Yes, you will get double of some things!
  • The Trait:Riding Characteristic is automatically consumed when sent to a character who does not possess the trait. If your character does possess the trait, the item will be delivered, and you can send it to another character on your account. Yes, VIPs will get two Trait: Riding Characteristics.

p.s. VIP spelers krijgen nog meer, volg de link voor informatie.

Let op! Servers zijn 20 april waarschijnlijk down tot 19:00 voor de update.
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