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[Gratis] Plugin Ampeg SVT-VR Classic - Plugin Alliance
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[Gratis] Plugin Ampeg SVT-VR Classic - Plugin Alliance

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Geplaatst op 19e jan 2021

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Gratis AMP VST van Plugin Alliance. Geldig voor de komende 30 dagen. Normaal 49USD.

Beschrijving van de site:
The sound of Ampeg’s stage bass amps in your DAW
The SVT amps from Ampeg have long been a favorite of some of the most notable bass players out there, including Bootsy Collins, Darryl Jones, Michael Bradford, Chris Wyse and so many more. The tone of the SVT series is instantly recognizable, with a full supple bottom, and a satisfying growl in the midrange, setting the standard by which all bass amps are judged.

Stripped down to the essentials
The newly-released Ampeg SVT-VR “Classic” plugin produces the same authentic tone as the full version, but with only the essential features for incredible simplicity and ease of use. A single complete channel is included, with both ultra-hi and ultra-lo modes, giving you everything you need to get the perfect bass tone without any distractions.

A powerfully simple FX Rack to tailor your tone
As you’d expect from a Plugin Alliance, the SVT-VR Classic comes with a customized FX Rack which includes features like a Power Soak for extra saturation and input gain control to perfect your gain staging. Take advantage of 3 advanced boutique recording chains from Brainworx to fit your bass sound perfectly into the mix.
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