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Gratis Ticket to Ride diy uitbreiding

Geplaatst op 26 dec 2021
Ticket to Ride Stay at Home is a free print & play expansion for Ticket to Ride, Ticket to Ride Europe, Ticket to Ride Germany or Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries.

In this very special version, you will take the role of one of the four family members who compete and sometimes collaborate to complete their daily tasks in their home. Will you first try to go from your bedroom to your desk for some paperwork, or would you rather do a detour by the fridge and spend some time on the balcony?

Designed during the great lockdown of 2020, Ticket to Ride Stay at Home is a fun, quick and beautiful new version of the classic Ticket to Ride which will guarantee some amazing family moments around the gaming table. So hurry up! Grab a pair of scissors, some adhesive tape and your copy of Ticket to Ride base game, and enjoy Ticket to Ride Stay at Home.
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