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[Gratis] Trainpunk Run
Geplaatst op 9e mrt 2021
Gratis Trainpunk Run @ Indiegala

Moet je wel even een account maken. Beschrijving in het Engels en nog 2 youtube filmjes over het spel.

Fun “fly and shoot” videogame in a steampunk environment. Guide Ryana, military pilot, through five different worlds, to save them from the evil Lord Blackname. Collect coins to buy different Traninpunks, power-ups and customize Ryana's outfit.

Enjoy an emotional story of a woman who wants to save the world.

This is a game made in memory and commemoration of pioneer female pilots: Amelia Earhart, Jane Trefusis Forbes, Jacqueline Cochran or Harriet Quimby.

The player will fly and fight against the enemies to collect and send flying letters to prevent the evil plans of Lord Blackname, the military leader of the Black Brigade.

In this new version you will find:

- Five different levels with original steampunk settings.

- Fun and entertaining challenges: Steampunk elements to pick up!

- Follow the story through the entertaining dialogues of our protagonist Ryana with the evil Lord Blackname.

- An emotional tale told through letters that are unlocked as the player advances in the game.

- Powerups and nitro options that add more excitement to the game.

- New Trainpunks and clothes to buy with the coins that the player can collect in the game.

- A fun and emotional story about a female pilot who decided to fight to achieve her dream of flying and fighting.

Contents added in the version:

- New Clothes to buy in the store

- New Trainpunks to buy in the store

- New Power-Ups: Missile, Health, Big Health, Absorb Coins and Absorb Messages.

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