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Geplaatst 25 november 2022

Gratis Waves Lil Tube (nieuwe plugin, verlengd tot ieder geval 9:00)

Gedeeld door SebaSlash
Lid sinds 2021

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Gratis de nieuwste Waves Audio plugin: Lil Tube, een saturatie plugin:

Make every track sound BIG

Add rich tube fatness, texture & saturation on every track in your mix – your own tube console. Custom-modeled analog sound in the company of fabled tube preamps, Lil Tube is a plugin you’ll feel.

You’re going to want Lil Tube on everything. Literally everything. Put it all over your mix – hear instant BIGNESS, the warmest frequencies of each track, and music that’s just more engaging! Don’t even think twice – it’s foolproof and incredibly lite on CPU.

In the days of analog consoles, running each track in the production through channels on the desk crafted a kind of ‘rough mix,’ with a roundness and depth that made the song instantly feel like a record.

Lil Tube boasts this experience in your DAW.

Pull up the plugin as the first insert on every channel and you’ll hear the rich, buttery texture and sense of three-dimensional balance that’s imbued on the mix. Then, push the drive knob on the parts you want to bring ‘closer’ to the listener – like the lead vocal. You’ll feel its striking intimacy, and so will your audience.

Lil Tube is the first taste of Waves’ Magma series of plugins.
Analog sound, attitude and simplicity, like never before.
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    Geen idee wat het is, maar gratis
    Tube saturation (distortion)
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