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[GRATIS][PC][18+] Biing!: Sex, Intrigue and Scalpels @

Gedeeld door Quadmax
Lid sinds 2015

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Vanaf vandaag t/m vrijdag 15:00 uur gratis te claimen op .

Er staat een [18+] tag omdat de game voornamelijk voor de volwassen doelgroep bestemd is. Voor de rest kan ik weinig doen als er mensen onder de 18 de game gratis claimen en spelen

Mature content notice: Biing!: Sex, Intrigue and Scalpels contains explicit language, strong sexual themes, nudity and is intended for mature audiences.

The sequel: Biing! 2 is included with the game as a bonus goodie. Available only in German.

Whacky, graphically brilliant, extremely funny and incredibly entertaining, that was the judgement of the specialized press about BIING!. Of course you, as the manager of “Brainworm Memorial” should know exactly what’s important in modern medicine nowadays!

Specialists with a golf handicap under 50?
Definitely qualified!

Nurses with an education level below 3 and a bust less than 100?
Highly unqualified.

After all, you have to offer something to your patients. Only a satisfied customer pays the steep bill with a dreamy smile and returns. And only a healthy bank account allows you to buy the necessary medical hardware, like an ambulance and the operating theater. Well - the golf course could also use a renovation.

Let’s hope you will never be admitted to this hospital. After all, we don’t take responsibility for your physical and mental integrity.
In case of risks and side effects, please take your doctor to the pharmacist and not to us! Meer details bij
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    Hahaha wat is dit voor een game?
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    Lol een soort Johnny Sins maar dan met Gore erbij
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    Ik las ook opeens:""