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[GRENSDEAL DUITSLAND] Herman Miller Aeron B Remastered Bureaustoel voor €390,-

[GRENSDEAL DUITSLAND] Herman Miller Aeron B Remastered Bureaustoel voor €390,-

€390€ Aanbiedingen
[GRENSDEAL DUITSLAND] Herman Miller Aeron B Remastered Bureaustoel voor €390,-
Geplaatst op 4e okt 2020Verzending uit Duitsland

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The Aeron Remastered is the 2017 successor to the most successful piece of office furniture in history. The revision of
the design icon makes the popular office chair even lighter, more environmentally friendly and ergonomic

The designers Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf have created an ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing, high class, work chair.
The basic idea: Facilitate the lives of office workers, who spend most of their time sitting. The breathable
pellicle membrane for the seat area and backrest as well as the innovative tilt mechanism aim to ensure this. When the Aeron model was first introduced
it was the first office chair that was completely unpadded Now the design has made it into the new millennium,
incorporating the best of the Aeron Classic, thanks to newer material compositions.

Your configuration:

  • PostureFit patented and revised back support provides ergonomic stability in the pelvic area, which radiates evenly
    to the back.
  • Vinyl armrests. Easy care and extremely durable contemporaries. Side height and depth are adjustable. The material retains its shape
    and is washable.
  • Size B Suitable for 90% of people (except for very small women
    and large, heavy men).
  • Pellicle membrane Permeable, patented membrane which has been re-designed for the diffusion processes
    of human skin. It prevents sweating and annoying slipping around on the
    seat surface because you are always sitting in the best position thanks to the different support zones.
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