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Heavy Dreams gratis te claimen voor op steam

Geplaatst op 3 sep 2018

Deze aanbieding is verlopen. Hier zijn wat interessante opties voor je:

Voor de steam game verzamelaars.
Deze hoogwaardig uitziende game is nu tijdelijk gratis.

We're live!Heavy Dreams is finally live! From now until 9/15, please feel free to download Heavy Dreams for free! After 9/15, however, the game will cost $2.99, though if you downloaded it earlier than that you're all set.

On a personal level, Heavy Dreams has been my passion project for the last 5 or so years, and it has been an absolutely wild journey to make. Thank you for downloading and taking the time to check it out. Y'all are amazing.

For the first two weeks, from 9/1/18 to 9/15/18, Heavy Dreams will be free to purchase, after which time it will no longer be free! Take advantage of this special offer now!
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