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Home Run High (iOS)

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Train your baseball players and create a winning team!

Can you lead your high school baseball team to ultimate victory? It might be a small after-school club now, but with the right training, even the sky isn't the limit for this team!

Train players by assigning them practice drills. You choose what they need to focus on, such as batting or pitching.

Install batting cages, showers, or other facilities to make life better for the team. A good environment makes for more effective training! School life is not all about sports, though. Studying is just as important, so make sure to construct educational facilities to upgrade the school.

House students in a dorm and they'll have more time for both studying and baseball practice! Pick your best players for the team and test their skill at tournaments.

*This game only supports landscape mode.
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    Kairosoft altijd een plusje voor de verslavende spellen
    Edit: half uurtje gespeeld en vind deze toch niet zo leuk. Game Dev Story was wel echt heel verslavend. (aangepast)
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