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Influent gratis bij Humble Bundle

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This special Free Edition of Influent includes 3 great languages to try out and was made available in response to the 2020 stay-at-home advisory and closing of schools across the globe to help with the tedium of being stuck indoors for months on end.

“By immersing the player in the target language, Influent closely models the way we naturally learn our native language. I suggest giving Influent a try.”
- Steve Hammond, Somnambulant-Gamer

Inspired by Dreamcast titles of old (namely Shenmue and Toy Commander ) Influent immerses players in a fully interactive 3D environment where the names for absolutely every object in the game can be gleaned with a single click! In fact, even more information can be learned with a double-click! Every door, drawer, and cabinet can be opened with a right-click here and a right-click there, revealing more and more things to be learned! Packed to the brim with hundreds of native audio pronunciations (painstakingly recorded specifically for this game), Influent offers players a unique opportunity to enjoy learning both vocabulary and pronunciation in the language of their choice.

With 10 languages currently available for download, Influent combines the joys of playing a video game with the language learning process, resulting in real-life rewards and achievements that will remain with players for the rest of their lives.

Influent: Language Learning Redefined.
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    Wel opschieten hoor:
    FREE for a limited time!
    356874 days.
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    Ik krijg een waarschuwing dat de link mij naar www dot dpbolvw dot net/ probeert te sturen!
    Kan deze link zelfs niet voluit schrijven omdat deze gebannen is. (aangepast)
    hmm, raar, zal wel in de pepper referral zitten dan, de link die ik heb ingevoerd als aanbieding:…ent (aangepast)
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    Hoe is dit gratis dan, de link stuurt me naar Humble met een deal van 1% off