[iOS app] Tijdelijk gratis: Kiwake Alarm Clock @ iTunes

[iOS app] Tijdelijk gratis: Kiwake Alarm Clock @ iTunes

jun 20e 2017
[iOS app] Tijdelijk gratis (normaal €3,29): Kiwake Alarm Clock @ iTunes
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Kiwake’s mission is to walk you through a brief but complete wake-up process to make sure that you are fully awake.

This process can be divided into three main categories you need to wake up every morning:

1. Your Body, by standing up and leaving your bed.

2. Your Brain, by stimulating it and keeping it away from excuses you could find to go back to sleep.

3. Your Motivation, by reading your goals to start your day inspired.

Kiwake will request a proof that you went through each of those categories:

■ Body wake-up: take a picture of an object far from your bed to prove you left it. This is an object that you already saved when you have set the alarm. You could take advantage of this by getting close to the shower or immediately starting your coffee maker.

■ Brain wake-up: complete a quick mini-game that requires your full attention. By focusing on the game, your brain will not be able to manipulate you with those famous excuses to go back to bed. You know, the ones like “Meh… a shower will only take me one minute” or “I can prepare and pack my lunch in 30 sec”.

■ Motivation wake-up: read and check all your main goals, because there is no better way to jumpstart your day than giving yourself a motivation boost!

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