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Las Vegas Royale - Ravensburger
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Las Vegas Royale - Ravensburger

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179° Verlopen
Las Vegas Royale - Ravensburger
Geplaatst op 19e okt 2020

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Makkelijk te leren, snel geluksspel voor 3 - 5 spelers. Kan met 2, maar minder geschikt. Uit de Alea kwaliteitslijn van Ravensburger.

Let op: Taal is Engels / Frans / Duits
Nederlandstalige handleiding voor de oude versie is hier te downloaden.

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Link naar Board Game Geek.

Las Vegas Royale combines the original Las Vegas dice game from 2012 with some elements of the Las Vegas Boulevard expansion from 2014.

Las Vegas is an easy-to-learn, dice-rolling game that includes six cardboard casino mats, one for each side of a normal six-sided die. For each mat in the basic game, players draw money cards until at least $50k is showing, but the amount may end up being a lot more, making that casino more desirable.

Each player has eight dice of a different color, which they take turns rolling. When you roll your dice, you can choose to place them on the relevant casino cards; for example, a die showing a 1 will be placed on the casino mat marked "1". You must place all dice of one number on one casino in your turn. All players take turns doing this until all the dice have been used. Finally, the player with the most dice on each casino card takes the highest-valued money associated with it, then the player with the secondmost dice takes the next highest-valued money card. In case of a tie, the non-tied player with the most dice takes the highest-valued money card at that casino, while the tied players get bupkis.

Las Vegas Royale includes twelve expansion tiles, and to play a more involved game, you can place an expansion tile at random by each casino. These tiles have special abilities on them, and by placing dice on them, players can activate these abilities. The expansion components also include a larger than normal die for each player that counts as two dice.
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