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Gratis te claimen t/m 31 December vanwege 25 jaar NI. Werkt met de gratis Kontakt Player en de volledige versie van Kontakt. 150 presets dus genoeg keuze voor je volgende muziekproject.

Preset Categories (2.41 GB)
Mallet Instruments
Piano & Keys
Plucked Strings
Sound Effects
Synth Lead
Synth Misc
Synth Pad


Back in 1996, we launched GENERATOR, our first ever synthesizer – and also the precursor to REAKTOR. Now, 25 years and countless other instruments later, we’ve been digging through the archives to unearth a sonic time capsule of our most iconic instruments from the past quarter-century.

The limited-edition TWENTY FIVE is a powerful, free instrument designed to let future generations recombine and reimagine our sonic legacy into something entirely new. As part of the KONTAKT Play Series, it comes mapped with intuitive macro controls, powerful FX, and a built-in sequencer.
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