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Myst (2021) nu met 30% korting via GOG

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Waarom deze game aanprijzen? Hij is zowel 2d als via VR te spelen. Ik vind hem nergens voor deze prijs.

Welcome to Myst: a starkly beautiful island, eerily tinged with mystery and shrouded in intrigue.

Journey to Myst Island and other stunning, long dormant locations - called “Ages”- and begin to unravel the mystery you have been thrust into. As you learn what happened on the island, you will find that you are playing a key role in an epic story whose ending has not yet been written. Explore deeper connections in these stunning and surreal Ages, uncover a story of ruthless family betrayal, and make choices that will affect both you, and the world of Myst itself.

Cyan, the indie studio that created the beloved classic, has reimagined Myst.

Built from the ground up to play both in VR as well as traditional flatscreen displays, Myst is teeming with new art, new sound, re-imagined interactions, and even optional puzzle randomization. Finally... the highly anticipated Myst 2D/VR experience has arrived!

Now you can explore the Ages of Myst in a new dimension!


Designed and built from the ground up in Unreal Engine, this newly-reimagined version of Myst includes fresh takes on the visuals in every area in the game. With both VR and 2D play experiences in mind, this definitive, modern edition of Myst will immerse you in the world in a way that has never been possible before.

The VR experience includes both Free Roam and Teleport modes, and supports Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Rift S, and Quest via Oculus Link.

Additionally, Myst includes many “comfort level” features for both new and experienced VR users, including the option to enable smooth or snap turning, quick travel up stairs and ladders, vertical height quantization, and more!


For the first time in Myst’s history, enjoy the game in many different languages through localized UI, including dialogue and gameplay-context subtitles.
- A variety of accessibility options to assist in gameplay.
- Tired of taking notes? Now you can take photo captures in-game to keep track of what you’ve encountered!
- A large number of graphics options to choose from, such as supersampling options and Ray Tracing to bring the best Myst experience out of the hardware you have. Meer details bij
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  1. Fgo's avatar
    Wat heb ik hier veel spel uren inzitten. Is (was) zeker voor de tijd dat dit werd uitgebracht, echt top kwaliteit.

    Maar kopen hoeft.niet want ik heb ze allemaal nog origineel met de manuals etc erbij
    maike.79's avatar
    Via de nieuwsbrief kreeg ik nog een kortingscode voor alle uitbreidingen bovenop deze actie, maar die was persoonlijk dus niet te delen. (aangepast)
  2. evodude's avatar
    VR sounds like fun! Als ze de resolutie ook nog wat scherper maken van die brillen dan zou het pas echt immersive zijn.
    maike.79's avatar
    Ik ga hem met de Vive proberen. Ben erg benieuwd alleen nog geen tijd gehad.