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Perfect PDF 9 Editor

Perfect PDF 9 Editor

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Perfect PDF 9 Editor
Geplaatst op 26e mrt 2021
Soft Xpansion PDF Editor is a product with which you can create, edit and manage PDFs and other electronic documents for home and small- to mid-sized business users. Editing existing PDF documents professionally and annotating them, as well as designing documents, creating complex forms and signing PDFs are the main features of this software. With the powerful, user-friendly page editor, you can edit all of a given page’s content, not just the text and images. In addition, you can create completely new documents.

Edit PDFs
Edit existing documents & images/vectors shapes

Create PDF files
out of text, RTF, XPS or imagefiles, or out of scanned pictures

from PDF to PDF/A-1,A-2, A-3

Batch processing
modification of the security settings or sign several data at once and carry it out automatically

Split PDF files
export multilateral PDF files in separate PDFs

PDF Documents
create and edit new PDF documents , page editor

Modify objects
turn, change size, move

Comment PDF documents
bookmarks, annotations, digitale signatures, text marking, stamp, free-handed drawing, media-comments and appendixes

Interactive form fields
and a special designermode included in the software

Detailed comparison
between 2 pages, emphazise text changes, scroll simultaneously
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