Deze aanbieding is helaas niet meer beschikbaar
Geplaatst op 18 okt 2021

Deze aanbieding is verlopen. Hier zijn wat interessante opties voor je:

Dit is niet de beste audio equalizer/player die ik zelf ken, maar het werkt goed op zowel mijn Samsung Galaxy S9 als mijn OnePlus 8T! 1m+ downloads en een prima rating
2 andere van dezelfde developer lijken hetzelfde, maar zijn nu ook in de korting. Geen idee wat het nut van 3 dezelfde apps is maar ze werken allemaal prima, er is dus keuze uit 3 apps. Privacy is ook geen probleem zo ver ik het zie.

Ik raad zelf PowerAMP EQ of PowerAMP Audio aan. Deze zijn beide wel betaalde apps (gratis trial tot 30 dagen), maar zeker het geld waard.


PowerAudio Pro - Simple Offline Music Player

PowerAudio™ - A simple Music Player with a powerful equalizer packed with all the features better than any other music player available for your Android devices.

This Music Player is one of the best music player with a stylish design.

Features of Music Player:
1. Browse songs in 6 different ways from the app (Playlist, Genre, folder, Artist, Album and songs).
2. Full widget support with list of songs.
3. Play songs directly from folder inside the App.
4. Elegant themes are available in two sets.
5. Create playlists as per your mood and add songs to them.
7. Remove annoying clips from Music Player while scanning the app.
8. Can set Ringtone within the music player.
9. 5-band equalizer with powerful bass and virtualizer with reverb settings.
10. Play songs in a selective order by adding to the currently playing list through Add to Queue feature.
11. Share songs that you are currently listening on social media apps.
12. Available in 40 different languages (English, Hindi, German, French, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Indonesian, etc.).
13. System equaliser support is provided along with in-app equaliser within the Music Player App.
14. App is designed based on the concept of material design to make the experience native for Android users.
15. Ringtone Cutter
16. In build Voice Assistance
17. Audiobooks support
18. Fastest way of song sharing without internet through nearby sharing

Install the music player (mp3 player) and enjoy your favourite songs like never before!

Also, share your feedback on Google Play Store if you like the Music Player App.

PS: With help of our music player, share your favourite songs among your friends on the social media and let your friends know what you are listening.
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