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[Prime] iWotto mobiele luchtcompressor op accu

Geplaatst op 12 jul 2022

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Mobiele luchtcompressor op accu. Handig voor de vakantiegangers die deze zomer met de auto weggaan. Apparaat heeft goede recensies en lijkt qua functionaliteit op de veelgeprezen Xiaomi 1S.

Optioneel: voor twee euro meer krijg je een variant met extra opzetstuk, andere knopindeling en powerbankfunctie.

  • iWotto Quick Inflator: Fast inflation, improved air pump, higher speed and capacity, so you can inflate quickly. 7.4V Output Charge before first use to ensure proper use.
  • Electric parts set: the iWotto electric inflator includes an electric American air inflator as well as a hose and a hose storage bucket. Universal USB port for connection and display with LED light. The display consists of different start/off buttons and heat output openings. Mouthpiece adapter / air needle / charging cable / swimming ring mouthpiece.
  • Portable and Multifunctional: Its uses are versatile: it can be used to inflate car tyres, bicycles and motorcycles, balls and other items (inflatable beach) etc. Thanks to its easy handling and portability, this iWotto inflator can be used on all kinds of occasions.
  • Digital display: the length of the power indicator shows different formats to show the remaining power. Four bars (100% battery), three bars (75% battery), one bar (minus 25% battery).
  • LED light: with the power button, you can turn the light on or off. SOS function available and long press for dark environment. Useful for connecting the nozzle.
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