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[PRIME NL] iRobot Roomba i3552 (i3+)

Gedeeld door Abyzous
Lid sinds 2016

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iRobot provides over 30 years of expertise and innovation in robotics and has sold over 30 million household robots worldwide. Whether you choose a Roomba, Braava or both robots, your floors will receive the special care they need.

Smart navigation gets the work done Intelligent, navigation in a straight line uses floor-tracking sensors for targeted, logical cleaning in neat patterns. When the i3/i3+ needs to be charged, it continues from where it was stopped until everything is completely clean.

You don't have to think about vacuuming for months. The robot vacuum cleaner cleans itself by emptying its collection container into an AllergenLock dust bag, which can hold dirt of as much as 60 days, leaving you with no worry of vacuuming for two whole months.

Small dust particles? Bigger dirt? No problem. Enjoy comprehensive cleaning thanks to double (rubber) brushes for all floor types and a powerful suction system with 10x higher suction power*, so that dirt, dust particles and pet hair are removed wherever they are. The brush for edges and corners ensures all forgotten corners.

He learns how you live. Listens to your voice. The Roomba i3+ robot vacuum cleaner analyzes your cleaning routines to suggest personal schedules and thanks to its compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa, you can easily start cleaning using your voice. Roomba can even suggest an extra clean when there are many pollen in the air in your region or when your pet is in the moult. Meer details bij
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    Helaas ontbreekt een LIDAR zoals veel goede concurrenten hebben. Daardoor gewoon de prijs niet waard.
    Mag ik vragen wat LIDAR inhoud ?:)
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    Prijs is 439 euro op de website helaas..