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Risk - Lord of the Rings || @Zavvi
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Risk - Lord of the Rings || @Zavvi

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Risk - Lord of the Rings || @Zavvi
Geplaatst op 5e dec 2020

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Only you can decide the outcome in the battle for Middle-earth in The Lord of the Rings Risk. Choose your army, enter the battlefield and defeat your opponents to claim territories on the Middle-earth map. Will you play as Heroes or as Forces of Darkness? Complete special missions to enhance your legions or simply obliterate your foes in your quest for victory. On every turn, the Fellowship of the Ring moves closer to Mordor and the fires of Mount Doom, so you must strike quickly, before the Ring is destroyed and the fate of the world is decided.

In de doos:

Gameboard , 4 Armies in Different Colours , 64 Territory Cards , 2 Wild Cards , 60 Adventure Cards , The One Ring die-cut , 3 Red and 2 Black Dice

Het spel is in het Engels.
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