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Robotstofzuiger 360 c50 met 2600 mAh accu, inclusief dweilfunctie

Robotstofzuiger 360 c50 met 2600 mAh accu, inclusief dweilfunctie

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Geplaatst op 5e jan 2021Verzending uit Tsjechië
Robotstofzuiger van het merk 360, type c50. Bediening per app of afstandsbediening. Hieronder (in het Engels) de belangrijkste kenmerken volgens de fabrikant.

Guaranteed Technology

360 sweeping machine technology is mature, and more than ten series of lidar sweeping machines are on the market. C50 is a 360 low-end inertial sweeper product developed by the 360, which is more suitable for low-end consumer groups.

Inertial Navigation APP Intelligent Control

Palm 360 APP control, single button control, physical multi-function remote control, inertial navigation high configuration.

Exquisite and Compact

Exquisite and chic, smart and flexible, the volume is reduced by 20%, the pass rate is increased by 30%, the thin body of 7.9cm, free to penetrate the bottom of the bed, the bottom of the sofa and the cabinet to clean the dust.

Super Battery Life

2600mAh battery, 120min long battery life, can clean 150㎡ at a time.

Large Suction
The 360 C50 has great suction power, which is reflected in the super suction power of 2600pa. The Nidec brushless fan has a long service life. The 4th wind force can be adjusted at will, and the cleaning efficiency of dust and hair, carpets, floors, and floor tiles can be easily increased.

Intelligent Control Water Tank

Intelligent electric control water tank (300mL), three levels of water volume adjustment, really wet tow without foaming the floor, get rid of the original physical penetration concept, electronic control is more intelligent and considerate.

Big Dust Bin

510ml big dust bin, easy to clean, drawer-type disassembly and assembly, easy to take and worry-free;Clean up once every 1-2 weeks;Washable dust-proof gauze and filter, double filter life longer.

Double Intelligent Control

In addition to the app remote timing remote control at any time, it is also upgraded to dual remote control, and an infrared remote control is added, which can be easily used by the whole family and enhance the experience.

Classic Configuration

Classic round pure white design, simple atmosphere, fit the home aesthetic, and integrate with furniture.

Four Countries Voice Prompt

Four countries voice prompts: English, Japanese, Russian, German

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