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Soundcore Life Q30 Zwart/Blauw/Roze Draadloze Koptelefoon met ANC

Geplaatst op 28 mei 2022

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Hi-res audio: Balanced middles, crystal clear trebles with 40 mm audio drivers for deep, intense hi-res sound profile. Even frequencies of up to 40 kHz are covered.

Active noise cancellation:Effectively reduces up to 95% of all external noise such as cars and planes; ideal for music when travelling or in noisy environments.

Individual modes: “Transport” for aircraft noise, “Outdoor” for road traffic and wind, and “Indoor” for office sounds and background conversations - the perfect solution for any situation.

Non-stop music:Enjoy 40 hours of wireless playback time in ANC mode or even 60 hours of play time in standard mode! And if you’re in a hurry, your headphones can be charged for 4 hours of music within 5 minutes!

Comfort first:The velvety soft memory foam ear pads of the Life Q30 headphones, integrated in soft leather, give you flexible comfort while working or listening to music.

Prijzen verschillen per kleur.
Zwart: 79,99-20=59,99
Blauw: 89,99-22=67,99
Roze: 89,99-22=67,99

Kortingscodes zijn ook verschillend per kleur.
Zwart: WS7DI1VRD7
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