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Star Wars Premium Format Statue General Grievous 63 cm @ detoyboys

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"I do not care about your Republic. I only live to see you DIE!"

Sideshow presents the General Grievous™ Premium Format™ Figure, a ruthless strategist ready to take the lead of your Star Wars™ collectibles.

The General Grievous Premium Format Figure measures 21 tall and 25 wide as the Separatist cyborg battles his enemies atop the wreckage of a starship-themed base. Trained in the art of the lightsaber duel, he draws the weapons of four fallen Jedi to lead his droid armies to victory in the Clone Wars conflict.

The General Grievous Premium Format Figure is a mixed media collectible featuring a detailed sculpted figure and base as well as a removable fully fabric cape, which features an exterior gray fabric, red inner lining, and internal wiring in the hem allowing you to pose it dynamically to enhance the battle scene. The general's complex technological body is carefully sculpted to capture every detail of this iconic Star Wars character, with weathering on his white armored elements and his segmented arms split into an intimidating four-handed configuration. Each of the four lightsabers he holds has a clear green or blue blade in the hilt, creating the imposing silhouette General Grievous is known for across the galaxy.

A fine addition to your collection - bring home the General Grievous Premium Format Figure today!

Product Size: 53 x 63 x 56 cm
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  1. Boris_Slaghuis's avatar
    Wow. Heel vet. Maar goed. I dont think the wife would accept.... (aangepast)
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    Soms is het beter om vergeving te vragen dan toestemming
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  3. lluuuc's avatar
    A fine addition to my collection
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    “Anakin Skywalker, I expected someone with your reputation to be a little … older.”
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    Betalen mensen dit er voor? (aangepast)
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    Hello there
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  6. ziwendy's avatar
    Wauw, heel gaaf, maar niet een bedrag wat ik zo 'effe' heb liggen
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    Echt he, heb deze al in winkelwagentje maar durf niet af te rekenen
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    Heel vet, maar voor dit geld zou ik eigenlijk wel een lifesize versie verwachten
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    Dan had ik er meteen 6 besteld. Lifesize Grievous in je kamer. Met lichtgevende lightsabers. Take my money!
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    Dit zou mijn zoon heel gaaf vinden maar jammer dat het zo ontzettend duur moet zijn
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    Wow heel goede aanbieding. we hebben er meteen 2 gekocht. Zo vaak zijn ze niet zo goedkoop.
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    Goed bezig!
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    En dan nog verzendkosten durven te berekenen
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    0 kennis hiervan, is dit duur of niet voor dit soort verzameling items?
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    En niet één foto waar hij in zijn geheel te zien is .....
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    Aangepast. Refresh maar!
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